¡Hola Amigos! This is me, Rocío, a food illustrator obsessed with making cuisine delightfully visual

I love creating vibrant Still Lifes to bring color and joy to your favorite home corners

  • have featured my food art

Juicy, joyful food art. Are you hungry yet? I am!

In my collections, you will find a bunch of prints, recipes and goodies for food lovers like us

  • Ayer ya me llegó tu calendario! Se ve precioso. Tengo un montón de ganas de que acabe el año para empezar el siguiente viendo cada dia tus ilustraciones. Muchas gracias!

    Òscar Andrés Castillo

  • Hi all the way from Australia just wanted to let you know that your shop is so amazing! Aesthetic, colourful, meaningful and just great!!! I have never messaged someone to tell them this!!! But something everything about yours grabbed me completely. Take care!

    Tina Ruthe

  • You are one of my favourite designers and I was overjoyed when I open my ‘Pear Sobre Green’ print. The colours and the imagery will really complement my home interior! Grazie.

    Marissa Lico

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